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Working as ONE for a Sustainable Future!

At Kuda Villingili, we are committed to sustainable tourism and exert conscious efforts to preserve our natural environment while reducing our carbon footprint. We have joined hands with Green Globe, the world’s leading certification for sustainable tourism, to focus on a long-term sustainability plan and conserve our environment for future generations. Through the integration of best practices in sustainability and embracing green initiatives, we aim to make a positive contribution to the conservation of biodiversity, preservation of cultural heritage, and development of the local community.

Sustainability Management Plan

Environmental Policy


  • We developed a procurement management system that optimises resources while acquiring goods and services that guarantee high quality end-products for the best guest experience.
  • All our procurement activities are conducted responsibly in accordance with sound ethical practices and considering environmental and social challenges.
  • We serve organic fair-trade coffee, use organic olive oil in our Italian-Mediterranean restaurant, and offer collection of organic honey during breakfast.
  • We work with Sri Lankan Jams for acquiring organic jams to use in our restaurant and in villa dining.

Solidarity With The Local Community

  • We source from the local community where possible, such as seafood and coconut, which supports the development of agriculture while sustaining the community’s economic status.
  • We support the hiring of locals that promotes the local community’s culture.
  • We carry out educational awareness sessions to raise awareness for a common goal, preserving and nurturing our mother nature.
    We work with Authentic Maldives – a local arts & crafts shop with product solely from local creators.
  • We have a resident Artist who paints the art displayed in our villas and public areas.

Recycle, Reduce, Reuse

  • Plastic & Paper
    • We use digital collateral for communicating with our guests, ambassadors, and our travel partners as much as possible.
      • Press Reader for reading news.
      • E-Collateral communicated electronically via WhatsApp or Email.
      • Digital application for accessing menus
      • E-signatory and e-filing system
      • Automated Biometrics attendance system
      • Automated exit/entry pass system
      • E-Notice Board
    • We use carpets made from recycled plastic in our villas.
    • We use bamboo/paper straws or metal straws when serving drinks.
  • We use bathtubs made from recycled crushed stones in our villas.
  • We use glass bottles for refilling water from our inhouse Water Bottling Plant.
  • We use retired towels and linen for internal cleaning purposes.

Waste Management

  • We use an integrated approach for the effective and efficient elimination of waste.
  • We have a dedicated recycling centre with:.
    • Glass Crusher for pulverizing glass bottles, which are then recycled for use in concrete works as a replacement for sand.
    • Composting Machine for the segregated food waste and dry leaves, which are then used as compost for vegetation.
    • Compactor for compacting cartons, tins, plastic, and other waste materials.
    • Incinerator for burning waste that would otherwise be non-recyclable.
  • We use treated wastewater recycled through STP plant for plant irrigation, which helps us conserve natural resources.


  • We aim to lessen adverse impacts on our mother nature while preserving its delicate eco-system.
  • We raise awareness among our guests and our ambassadors regarding safe practices to minimise environmental harm.
  • We organise coral planting activities to help regenerate our marine environment.
  • We conduct regular island and lagoon cleaning activities to support green actions.
  • We have an extensive organic garden that produces fresh vegetables, fruits, and spices.
  • We use cleaning concentrates and dilution control systems to minimize chemical usage.
  • We operate boats with high performance and efficient four-stroke engines.
  • Energy and Water Conservation
    • We use energy saving LED lights for interior and exterior.
    • We use timers to control the exterior lights.
    • We use VFD (variable frequency drive) system to control the water pumps and kitchen exhaust.
    • We use inverter and high efficiency VRF (variable refrigerant flow) system air conditioning units in our villas and buildings.
    • We use Lutron system motion sensors to control the air conditioning units in the guest villas.
    • We use generator waste heat recovery system to produce hot water.
    • We use dual-type flushing system for all WC flushing.

Business Ethics & Human Rights

  • We respect the local traditions and culture and educate our ambassadors on appreciating the Maldivian culture.
  • We adhere to labour laws and regulations of the Maldives, and strictly prohibit employment of children and sexual exploitation.
  • We believe in the empowerment of our ambassadors.
  • We share business code of conduct with all our partners to promote a culture of integrity among our workforces.
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Kudavillingili, Kaafu Atoll
Republic of Maldives

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