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Explore the Maldivian sea by visiting breathtaking dive sites, or joining one of Kuda Villingili’s unique excursions. Get an adrenaline rush with the resort’s adventurous water sports, like kite surfing.

Water Sports

Kite Surfing

Experienced kitesurfers will be able to push their skills to the next level and break personal records with high kite jumps.


Onean Carver Twin is a versatile board powered by two jet engines, which is suitable for riding in any water body and is adapted for extreme conditions. A wireless controller can adjust all main parameters with five different modes of board power settings. The jetboard gives the rider a fantastic sense of fun, freedom, and control over the water.


Catch waves at Chicken Break, one of the top ten surfing spots in the world, or check out other surf spots around the island.

Manta Point

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Manta Point

Get up close to manta rays at a breathtaking spot in the Maldivian sea about a 20-minute speedboat ride from the resort.


Just outside the reef of Thulusdhoo island is another great dive spot with rich marine life where divers can encounter moray eels, eagle rays as well as several kinds of reef fish. The Colosseum is an ideal dive spot for both beginner and advanced divers.


This dive spot lives up to its name. Swim amongst many schools of fish in the clear water, with visuals similar to a large aquarium.

Nassimo Thila

This year-round dive has a rich underwater landscape with colourful soft corals and thousands of fish. Be surrounded by entire schools of fusiliers or spot large tunas chasing small reef fish.

H.P. Reef (Marine protected area)

Known as “rainbow reef” for the colourful coral and the variety of tropical fish species, exploring the H.P. Reef is a mesmerising experience.


Big Game Fishing

Venture out with an early morning boat ride and watch the sunrise over the Maldivian sea before preparing for big game fishing. Enjoy the thrill of reeling in dogtooth tuna, mahi-mahi, wahoo, and giant trevally.

Shark Safari

Experience the magic of the underwater world on the resort’s Shark Safari guided by an experienced snorkel guide.

Sunset Cruise

End the day with a relaxing sunset cruise, complete with sparkling wine and canapés.

Turtle Safari

Take a trip to “Turtle Reef” for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to snorkel alongside rare and endangered hawksbill sea turtles and green sea turtles.

Dolphin Cruise

Spot dolphins swimming in the azure waters and playing in the wake of the boat.

Ocean Conservation

Ocean Conservation

Help restore the reefs by adopting a coral line through an ocean preservation and conservation project led by Kuda Villingili’s resident marine biologist. The project takes broken coral fragments and plants them on ropes to make a coral line, which are then planted in the coral nursery.

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